“I purchased a series of informational brochures from OEA several months ago for use in my pain medicine practice. They have been great! The layout is attractive and they look good in my office. I love the colors. The information is accurate and clearly explains the procedures I perform. I like being able to print as many as I need, knowing that as long as I have a working color printer I will have brochures. The brochure cost is therefore low, and I can give them out freely.


My staff loves them because it helps them better understand and explain what we do. I also believe the procedure descriptions are a good adjunct to improve informed consent. Therefore, all-in-all, I couldn’t be happier. I am sure I would have spent far more in terms of time and money if I tried to develop them myself. I would buy the entire series in a heartbeat if I had it to do over again.”

- Roger W. Catlin, M.D.


“The OEA brochures were a big help in getting our pain practice started. They explained our procedures to both patients and to referring physicians. The brochures are well designed, with nice graphics, and are easy to read. The price was very reasonable when compared to what it would have cost us to develop and print our own brochures.”

- Chris Saldanha, M.D.


“They help patients better understand our procedures, and cut down on the time we need to spend answering questions. We have even had waiting relatives read the brochures, realize they have a similar problem, and then ask for an appointment. We also give these brochures to referring physicians, who are impressed by them. It helps the primary care physicians better understand what pain physicians do, and this increases referrals to our practice.”

- Ramesh P. Kanaru, M.D.

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