Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Should I buy the CD or the pre-printed brochures?


Both the CD information sheets and the pre-printed brochures have their advantages. The brochures are colorful, eye-catching, and make a great lobby display. The initial investment for the pre-printed brochures is smaller. If you do only a few injections, this may be the best option for you. If you have a larger clinic, or a pain physician who does a variety of spinal injections, the CD may be your best option. The CD can be more cost-effective in the long run because you won't have to buy brochures several times each year. Some clinics buy both.


2.    Can I mix and match the pre-printed brochures at the new lower price?




3.    Can I customize the text on the brochure PDFs on CD?


The text can be customized after the CD is purchased, but OEA must make all changes. The PDFs are locked and changes can be made only by OEA. We charge $50/hour for text customization. Most small changes can be done in 1-3 hours. Contact Esteban if you have questions:


4.    How much is a CD with one brochure PDF?


A single PDF information sheet for a single physician practice is $200. If you are a single-physician practice and you only do epidurals for example, the Lumbar Transforaminal ESI may be the only information sheet you need for now.


5.    How much is just the Lumbar Series on CD?


The lumbar series for a single physician practice is $600. It includes seven information sheets--Lumbar Facet Injection, Lumbar Medial Branch Block, Lumbar Radiofrequency Ablation, Lumbar ESI Caudal, Lumbar ESI Interlaminar, Lumbar ESI Transforaminal, and Lumbar ESI Interlaminar.


6.    I don’t do thoracic injections, should I still buy the full CD?


It may be less expensive to buy just the lumbar and cervical series for now. If you then start doing thoracic injections, you can upgrade your CD to include the thoracic series. Thoracic procedures are less common, but marketing them can help you build your practice by distinguishing your clinic from your competitors once you start adding other procedures to your practice.


7.    Can I put the brochure PDFs on my website?


Yes. The PDFs are high quality and optimized for quick downloading.


  1. Can I put the PDFs from the CD on several computers?


Yes. The PDF files can be put on as many of your computers as you like.



9.    Can the trifold printed brochures be customized?


Yes.  For an additional set-up fee we can customize the brochures with your clinic information and any text changes you would like. Customized brochures are available in quantities of 1000, 2500 or 5000 per procedure. Contact Esteban for pricing:


10.  What if I need to change the clinic information on the brochure PDFs ?


Simple changes of clinic information and usually be done in 1 hour so the cost is $50 and you will be sent updated files via dropbox.


11.  What printer should I use for printing the information sheets?


Any color laser printer should work well. We use a mid-priced Dell with great results. Quality printers are now generally quite reasonable. Contact Esteban at if you have specific questions about printers.


12.  Is shipping charged for the brochures or the CD?


No. OEA pays for normal shipping. If you need anything on rush order (Fed Ex) those charges will be added to your bill. Please let your representative know if you need a rush order.


  1. Do you always mail on a CD?


We have changed with the technology and use dropbox to send the files to you immediately when they are finished. This helps get the files to you faster. 


  1. Will you have new or updated information sheets for the CD?


Yes. OEA is always working on new brochures and information sheets. We charge $100 (2 hours of work) to create your new CD when information sheets are updated or added. We offer your first CD update free if you send us a positive testimonial about how the information sheets have impacted your clinic. We try to contact all previous customers when we have updates to the CD, but occasionally we have had difficulty contacting some previous customers. Please contact Esteban at to find out if we have updated the CD since you ordered.


15.  Do you have information sheets in Spanish?


Yes. It is a $250 upgrade once you buy the CD in English. For the extra $300 you will then have both English and Spanish versions. We use a professional translation service to do all of our translations. Please understand languages may have several dialects and may not be specific to your region. If we have recently added new brochures, they may not be translated into Spanish yet.



16.  What if I want the information sheets in a language that is not listed?


Contact Esteban about translation to other languages. Since we use a professional translation service, it is expensive to translate to a new language. We are happy to do so, but we require payment upfront. We will also need help proof reading. We can pay to get the text translated but are unable to check if the text is correct. 


17.  Why haven’t you answered when I emailed you a question?


With spam and email filters, sometimes legitimate emails don’t get through. If you haven’t heard  back from us within a week use both Esteban’s and Laura’s email addresses to make sure email gets through: or or call Laura at (816) 529-6303.


18.  Can I return my CD for a refund?


No. The CD is personalized and cannot be returned for a refund. All sales are final.


19.  Can I return my pre-printed brochures for a refund?


No. All sales are final.


20.  Can I personalize my pre-printed brochures without buying large qualities?


Yes. We now offer peel-and-stick labels.  Send us the electronic version of your business card and we will convert it to a sticker.




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